Mister Gryphon's face peeking out at youThat’s Mister Gryphon to you, that’s who.

Born in the Netherlands, living in the UK since 2005 (and my oh my, hasn’t the country gone downhill from then, eh? Just saying.)

Gryphon is an ethical pervert, a performer, educator and hirsute social media crankypants. An actual feminist and honest-to-goodness bisexual man, he will always call out your hetero-patriarchal bi-erasing bullshit. Ask him about his Two Step Plan To Become A Better Man.

He also uses very hot –or very sharp- bits of metal to create pictures on other people. As it turns out, posting about Branding on social media really confuses marketing companies and he enjoys doing nothing to clear up this confusion.

He remains utterly confused by chip butties. I mean, it’s potato. On bread. Weird.


“I think I recognise you, isn’t your real name-?”

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