Eroticon 2017; Tidying Up Designs

Eroticon 2017I finally got the chance to unpack and restock my Branding bag after Eroticon 2017. I know I’m tremendously late with one of those Post-Eroticon summary posts, but quite frankly: everything that I’ve wanted to say has already been said by many, many others (and much more eloquently than I ever could. Suffice to say that I rarely spend two days in a group so full of love and common purpose. Well done Molly, Michael, and Girl on the Net, in taking the baton and running with it. I have so many new things to think about, new blogs to check out, porn to watch, smut to read.

Post Eroticon - Tidying Designs

Back Home

So we’re back in the Real World now, which isn’t all bad though you do have to provide your own lunch. The three brands I did during my talk at Eroticon are going in my Big Book of Branding design, with a huge thanks to Bee, Rachel Kincaid , and Monika from Godemiche for volunteering. You are all of you amazing!

At the same event, I both found people who shared my ideas and ideology, and people who opened up new areas of thought for me, and adjusted my privileged point of view.

Thank you all so very much.

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